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In an interview with Sirius XM’s Hits 1, Nick Jonas confessed that, like the rest of us, he was completely in the dark regarding Gomez’ kidney transplant.

She and Nick Jonas, both 23, are believed to have dated for several months in 2008, when they were teenagers, following his breakup from fellow Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus."We were babies," Gomez said in an interview with the U. They were last photographed together at a 2015 MTV VMAs after party in late August."He is lovely," Gomez told Capital FM."They're lovely, by the way," she said of Nick and Joe. We were young, you know; it's a different time."Gomez is now back with another ex, Justin Bieber. It’s been nine years since Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas were romantically involved, but these two are proof positive you can remain friends with an ex.) No matter what happens, they'll always have the musical bond from the House of Mouse. Now that both pop stars are single, does this mean the two are going to rekindle their flame?! We were both with separate groups of friends and we ran into each other…

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