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Capcom's fourth iteration in the Ace Attorney series places rookie Apollo Justice in the hot seat as the latest defense attorney looking to make a name for himself.

This is a bit of a shame, as the initial freedom of the game’s choices (teasing your friends with sexual innuendo and seeing them get a little hot under the collar is great fun) seems to give way to a more linear formula.” will have somewhat obvious outcomes, others cause the recipient to react in completely unpredictable ways and destroy your progress.This is compounded by the fact that, most of the time, its hard to actually get an accurate idea of the person you’re speaking to; who would have thought that Leane wouldn’t like a Long Island Ice Tea?In order to advance in the game, you have to use the power of the spoken word (or pepper spray if words aren’t working out the way you planned).The top screen shows whoever it is you’re talking to; the touch screen shows your character (and allows for an excellent view of their responses) and the various speech options that you can select from.

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