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Normalisation is complicated only to those who will not read books, and get their 'knowledge' from the amateurs at wiki.It is fair enough that he makes you think, but some of the issues are absurd.Conceptually this is the cleanest design, however, even if I was designing a brand new system I'd hesitate to use this design because of the extra complexity in the rest of the system - it's just not worth it.Let alone trying to add this to a legacy app =)1) Serguei says it well, but yes...

Too much overgeneralization and broad assumption, lacking the finer understanding of the intricacies involved, as well as puffed up attitude that is more than a little out of place here. I'd go with the senior guy's suggestion and have that invoice table be self-contained.

Thanks Performance DBA :)Generally your whole answer is very good and very useful; there are a few sections which are disputable, but there is one that is completely useless and mostly wrong.

This is a section about wiki - the amount of contradictions you managed to pack in there is quite interesting - I'll just single out one argument: "Their 'knowledge' comes from reading and not qualification.".

In the past I have always tried to design normalized databases. A senior developer has suggested that in some cases we can't normalize: 1) With temporal data.

For example an invoice is created that links to a product.

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